30 Dec 2018

Safari by night : nocturnal animals in Africa

Safari by night : nocturnal animals in Africa

Africa is the best destination for safari; it is also the place where safari was born. The many wild animals kept in the large wildlands and national parks are the reason why many visitors come there to go on safari. The continent has many kinds of species to make a safari tour really adventurous during the observation and hunting. These include nocturnal and diurnal species.

The most interesting nocturnal wild animals for an unforgettable night safari in Africa

  • Ground Pangolin is the most hunted and most trafficked animal in the world and it is now included in the endangered and protected species. They can meet in several African countries such as Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa and Botswana. They are insectivores and used to spend their daytime sleeping and going out at nights for food research. Pangolins mainly feed on ants and termites. They live in hollow trees and are well-known as self-diggers for their refuge. The general points to describe the pangolins are their protective scales covering almost their whole skin.
  • Native to East and Southern Africa, Aardwolf is one of the best animals for the night-drive safari in Africa. This shy and nocturnal animal eats termites as main prey for feeding. They can be found in open, dry plains and bushlands. Aardwolves sometimes go out in the daytime and stay in at night during the coldest weather of winter. The Aardwolf is characterized by a slender muzzle, long mane, black vertical stripes and two other stripes from the front to the end of its body. The mane gets larger when the Aardwolf feels angry and attempts to get in fight.
  • Small-Spotted Genet or common genet is a native species of Africa. This is a nocturnal animal with a cat-like body and legs. It has a small head and pointed muzzle, big eyes, and bigger ears compared with the cat. They have their back and flanks covered by black spots and stripes, included the long tail. This is a very clever animal that has the ability to climb quickly. Common genet feeds on small mammals, birds and reptiles as main food. Many of safari makers are really interested in this small animal thanks to its amazing lifestyle and intelligence during the nights.
  • Aardvark is a pig-like animal that you can find in almost all African continent. It deserves an observation because of its unique lifestyle and behaviors. Aardvark is a nocturnal feeder that eats ants. It is skilled in digging by its sharp claws and strong legs. It also lives in burrows that it digs itself for its refuge during the daytime. This nocturnal animal looks unusual with its rare coarse hairs, arched body, long muzzle and large ears. Their rear legs are longer than the forelegs. It has become endangered because of the human activities such as deforestation and rampant poaching. So you will be lucky to meet with them during the safari tour in Africa.

Discovering the nocturnal animals of Africa

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