The good behaviour during a Safari

Photo The good behaviour during a Safari

Going on a safari is a dream for many wildlife lovers around the world. And if going for your Safari destination is not difficult, getting on a safari is not as easy as you can imagine. You have to know how to choose your reserve, your guide and especially to adopt the good behavior.

Some rules to follow for a safe safari

When you have the opportunity to observe animals closely, always keep a reasonable distance with elephants, rhinos and other buffaloes.

If you choose to go on a safari in a national park on a self-drive (you drive your own vehicle), follow the basic safety rules that will prevent you from ending up in the stomach of a leopard! Do not leave your car outside the marked areas, do not go off-piste without the presence of a guide, keep the windows of your car closed.

If you are planning a family safari, make sure that the reserve in which you wish to go on your safari is suitable for young children. This is not always the case, some organizers do not accept children under 12 years and it would be more than a shame to have to turn around because your toddlers are not welcome.

Respect is the key

To succeed in Safari but at the same time respect the nature and the others, easy and simple rules are to be taken literally. 

  • Do not get out of your car

Especially if you travel in "self-game drive", do not get out of your car even if you see poorly. The animals indeed are very unpredictable. An elephant protecting his children can indeed rush on you without warning. In the same way, never leave a body part through the window, at the risk of attracting a predator. This does not mean, however, that you will remain shut in your seat. Only go out on authorized areas like picnic tunes. 

  • Never give food to animals

Many people give to animals baboons or marmots in the mountains. This is absolutely harmful for his animals.

  •  Respect safety distances with animals

There are some animals that like tourists. But even in your vehicle, a rhino or elephant charge can be dramatic. When watching animals, always think about your safety. An elephant charge can indeed happen faster than you think.

  •  Respect the other safarists

Do not spend hours on an observation if there are many people behind you. Even if you want to have the perfect photo, let others enjoy the same vision is the minimum to know how to live. In addition, staying silent is also essential to Safari, at the risk of running away from animals and attracting the obsession of your fellow travelers.

You are now ready to go

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